The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) is a general think tank dedicated to the study of Morocco’s strategic stakes and the decoding of the complex positioning of actors in its continental environment.

The Institute, based in Rabat, is the result of a dynamic lunched in 2007 with the Moroccan Association of Economic Intelligence (AMIE) and its migration to the AMIE Center for Policy. These two structures have established themselves as the continent benchmark for practitioners of strategic intelligence and as a driving force in the production of strategic doctrine through two major works: “A Moroccan ambition” and “Strategic Morocco”.

It’s a real experimentation laboratory and a lever available to the public and private sectors. The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence IMIS is positioned on two complementary axes:

  •    Studying the issues and producing knowledge : that is to say decoding, clarifying and recommending.
  •    Supporting players in terms of strategy : therefore designing and acting.

Therefore, the think tank’s capacity for analysis and action is oriented towards three topics of interest impacting the Cherifian economic, political and societal chess boards:

The regional African integration of Morocco

Digitization and its new modes of action

Marrakech: Poursuite des travaux du comité d’experts de la Commission Économique pour l’Afrique (CEA)

The Moroccan soft and real power


Considering the global paradigm centered on the capacity of the players to grasp information and develop a unique strategic skill, Morocco today is not only a model of emergence in the eyes of its continental neighbors, but also in the eyes of the nations of the world.

Based on this observation, the Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence intends to draw bridges between the three communities able to design the functional guides of tomorrow, plan their applications and make them concrete, inclusive and sustainable.

These three communities are:

  •    Morocco of thinkers : those who conceptualize Morocco intellectually, the academic world, opinion leaders and think tanks.
  •    Morocco of players : those who make Morocco every day, its captains of industry, its entrepreneurs-innovators, its associative network and active communities.
  •    Morocco of commentators : Those we call “influencers”, media, columnists, and the people of social networks.

The Institute, as a creator of links, calls for the transversal expertise of its members and contributors to develop an unconventional strategic vision for regional and continental issues.