About us

About us

The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) is a general think tank dedicated to the study of Morocco’s strategic stakes and the decoding of the complex positioning of actors in its continental environment. The Institute, based in Rabat, is the result of a dynamic lunched in 2007 with the Moroccan Association of Economic Intelligence (AMIE) and its migration to the AMIE Center for Policy. These two structures have established themselves as the continent benchmark for practitioners of strategic intelligence and as a driving force in the production of strategic doctrine through two major works: “A Moroccan ambition” and “Strategic Morocco”.


Morocco: 2020-2030, the rise in power?


Strategy needs time and Morocco has urgent needs. It is not easy to reconcile these two extremes. The Kingdom must find the paths that will lead it to a more sustained, inclusive and globally ambitious development over the next ten years, under penalty of increasing pressure from its present model.

A Moroccan Path

1999-2019, the journey of a transforming Kingdom.

Under the supervision of Abdelmalek Alaoui

It was published in 2019, ten years after A Moroccan Ambition and five years after Strategic Morocco. The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) brings together experts and analysts to decode the singular path traveled by this millennial Kingdom which has a particular place among nations.

Roadmap for a national approach to economic intelligence

By AMIE Center

The “Roadmap for a National Economic Intelligence Strategy”, published in 2013, has been developed by AMIE Center. This production tends to define the general framework of a national economic intelligence strategy which is capable of taking Morocco’s development to the next level. The stated objective is the contribution to a substantial acceleration of the development of the Kingdom.

Strategic Morocco

Under the supervision of Bouchra Benhida

In 2013 and eighteen months after the “Arab Spring”, the think-tank AMIE Center has analyzed the strategic determinants of this Morocco on the move. The country is introduced into an open globalization challenging its position as a leader towards its partners in the South.

A Moroccan ambition

Under the supervision of Driss Alaoui Mdaghri

In 2009, the Moroccan Association of Economic Intelligence (AMIE) focused on carrying out an assessment of the first decade of the reign of Mohammed VI from an economic and strategic point of view with the ambition of opening a prospective field.


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